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Card Prototypes

We have been busy selecting more images that we will use on our new wedding cards.   In the end we will have 4 to 6.  These cards will be further cropped – they are rough drafts but we wanted your opinion on where the design was headed.  We realize the back of the card isn’t quite there yet but we have our secret weapon – Aunt Cheri taking a look.   What do you think?

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About Firstlight Photography

Kier is from Orange County and Mitzi is from just outside Chicago. We both moved to Seattle in June of 1995- but it took until 2006 for us to actually meet. We saw the same concerts and we both had the same Capitol Hill sushi haunt but it took over 10 years for our paths to finally cross. When they did we had no idea that our careers would collide into a fabulous partnership. We share a common love of music and photography. Kier caught the photo bug years ago and Mitzi always had a love of art and a mind for business. When we aren’t out on a photo shoot you can find us roller skating with our kids, hosting Martha Stewart eat your heart out dinners (Kier is the chef & Mitzi is the baker), watching movies -we share a love of “Strange Brew” (which should be slightly embarrassing, but we own it), or doing DIY projects with our insanely crafty kiddos. We are located between Seattle and Tacoma any frequently travel throughout Washington, Oregon and California. You can book us for your destination wedding or event and we will give you a reasonable travel quote (our passports are ready). Life is good and we work hard to convey this in our work. There is nothing more rewarding that receiving a note from a client’s mother thanking us for doing a great job on her daughter’s wedding photos. Call us and we will do a phone consultation or meet over coffee to talk about your photography needs, answer questions and, if we are a good fit, we can devise a variety of package options.

2 thoughts on “Firstlight Weddings | Puget Sound Wedding Photographer Cards

  1. Hi Kier,

    My marketing and advertising background kicks in – please know I think you are a gifted photographer.

    I liked the one with just the bride the best so far.

    The couple on the horse has far too much going on – horse, guy, colors, she looks uncomfortable – it is a nice photo for them but maybe not for a card.

    The second is also very creative and wonderful but for a card it seems to tell the story of the lake more than the couple. I keep wanting to see them – their faces.

    What I like about the bride only card sample was that we saw how sensitive and good you are at capturing emotion. We got to see the pretty details of her gown and the light and your capturing of the colors. It was a brilliant shot to say the least.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents worth. I am sure your card will be wonderful!

    Hope all is well with you and sending you much love.


  2. Hi Kier,

    The couple on the dock is very nice. I like the couple on the horse too, however I agree with the previous comment as it would be better for a photo than a card.
    I like this lighter background better than the first one as it will blend in ore with your photos.


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